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How To make a Good Title according To Rules...[ ? ]

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Habeeb Kambrath

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Apr 2, 2016
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Title one of the most impotent things for GSMDevelopers. Everyday more then 200 Thread with a bad Title. Most of which fixed by our mods. Its not always possible to fix your Title. So we request you ALWAYS MAKE A GOOD TITLE.

Title is a short descriptions of whole Story. Which is enough to understand full problem in short way.

Q : Whats the rules regard Title...?
A : Simple : Start your title with Brands name + model name and end its with Problems/Wants

How to make a Good Title...?
Before answer you lets have a conversion... Whats that..? Its nothing else except your daily Story, Between you and your customer :)

Short Dialogue Begin :D

Customer : Hello

You : Hey.

Customer : My Phone Hang On Logo.

You... Whats phone..? OHH Its IPhone X. How it's become like Hang?

Customer : (Possibly answer) Suddenly / After update....So On..

Remembers...? How to make a Good Title.

Lets we make a title from above Dialogue & Rules

Title : IPhone X Hang On Logo Helps.

Describe Of Colors Text : Brands name + Model No + Problems

One more explanations..?

Suppose you have a phone Motorola which is no service.. So you wanna helps of GSMDevelopers. Okay Fine.
Your Phone Motorola...Model XT-0001...Problem No Service...Right...?

You can make Title for you phone follow below-
Motorola XT-0001 No Service Helps.

Similarly if you needs file for above model Folow below-
Motorola XT-0001 Firmware Needs.

In short follow :
1st Write Brands name, Dont Model or Problem
2nd Write Model Numbers NOT Problem / Wants
3rd Write Problem / Wants

Hope You will understand NOW

Thank | You
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