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Thread: How To Root Android -Have You Tried Oneclickroot App

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    How To Root Android -Have You Tried Oneclickroot App

    All the stock smartphones are marketed with some software restrictions on it that have been imposed by device manufactures or network carriers. Although these software reactions are beneficial to them, those restrictions limited the freedom of Android users and don't allow them to have the full potential of an Open-Source platform. As you know, Android is an open-source platform and users are fully dominant to do what they want. But thanks to software restrictions on Android that coming from device manufactures and carries, you cannot do it

    How To Become Fully Dominant On Android

    If you want to become the governor of your own Android smartphone defeating your device manufacturer and the network carrier, Android rooting is the one and only way. Android rooting is a technical process and it allows your to access the system partition of your device and use apps that are not allowed by the manufactures and carriers. Not only using apps but also you can enhance the performance of your device providing commands to the hardware of your device using relevant apps and software. So, now you may understand that you can play more with your device than you can now after rooting.

    Dark Side Of Rooting

    Frankly, I would like to say Android rooting is unofficial and risky. So, you have to root your device with your own risk as there is no third party to take the responsibility of the result you could face after rooting your device. Basically, you lose the device security since any app or any user can access the core partition of your device. Also, the device warranty becomes avoidable and you may even have a bricked device as the final result of rooting.

    Oneclickroot App

    This is one of the trending paid one-click rooting app. The specialty of the app is the Free Scan. It means Oneclickroot App allows you to run a free scan before root your device to check the compatibility of the app with your device. So, you won't end with a bricked device as a result of rooting. Actually, most Android users do not like paid apps since some are not worth to pay. However, if you are willing to give it a try, you can run a free scan first visiting the official website of the app

    Final Word

    Whatever the rooting tool, you need to unlock the bootloader of your device to prevent the possibe device bricking. Although the app is successfully unlocked bootloader may spoil it giving you a bricked device.

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    There are available many free apps to root your android device for free. Just search on Google and check it.

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