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  1. Naveed.M

    OPPO F11 Pro Need schematic diagram

    OPPO F11 Pro Need schematic diagram please provide this anyone .coz this phone not getting on sohave to check all the section then i will get clearity if someone provide me this it will be helpful Tnx in advance
  2. Naveed.M

    VIVO X3S Need INDIAN version firmware... [Solved]

    Need default ROM of vivo x3s provide if any one have tnx in advance
  3. Naveed.M

    OPPO A57 Need EDL Test Point

    Need OppO A57 EDL test point to reset Userdata VOL+ & VOL- Not wor​king So........:blabla::blabla:
  4. Naveed.M

    MOTO X4 (Payton XT1900-2) Flash file Needed...[Solved]

    Any One provide This file (bootloader) kernel: uefi (bootloader) version-bootloader: MBM-3.0-payton_retail-0e6e7ce-181231 (bootloader) product: payton (bootloader) board: payton (bootloader) secure: yes (bootloader) hwrev: P4 (bootloader) radio: APAC (bootloader) storage-type: eMMC (bootloader)...
  5. Naveed.M

    MacBook Pro Sound Driver Issue (Win 10)-64bit

    I have installed Windows 10 64 bit in Macbook pro. All Driver updated automatically and remain drivers update by Bootcamp everything is fine but audio driver not updating how to rectify this issue please suggest if any 1 know this regarding this...:help:
  6. Naveed.M

    MOTO XT1092 After flash stuck in bootloader (no error in flash)

    Look into fastboot mode details (bootloader) slot-count: not found (bootloader) slot-suffixes: not found (bootloader) slot-suffixes: not found (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 6100 (bootloader) product: victara (bootloader) secure: yes (bootloader) hwrev: 0x82BF...
  7. Naveed.M

    Samsung J810G (U3) Need Combination file

    Provide U3 combination file please upload
  8. Naveed.M

    UMT Error : Forbidden Application [03] Detected!

    UMT Error : Forbidden Application [03] Detected![Solved] How to Solve This Issue getting error while run to do job, and there is no Winpac in uninstall program So i completely uninstall And restart the PC & all setup and re-install, But same thing happening How rectify This please Advice Who...
  9. Naveed.M

    xFSTK-Downloader Error While open To Repair Bootloader

    How to Solve This Issue
  10. Naveed.M

    OppO F5 (CPH1723) Need Tested File And Flash Tool

    I tried Those method were they show to enable tool but its not working need proper method and tool please guide to rectify this issue dont no how other done this Want give try please if any one work on this!!
  11. Naveed.M

    Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL Baseband Unknown And Imei null Need solution

    I flashed with firmware same version but issue not solved and maui meta tool sn and all tried but getting error any1 suggest and provide proper method to rectify this issue
  12. Naveed.M

    MOTOROLA Z2 XT1789-06 Baseband & Imei Unknown

    Flashed with same version Firmware ( motorola/nash/nash:8.0.0/OPXS27.109-49-16/19 ) But Issue Not solved even try with UMT -Fix baseband option but no update When type CMD fastboot getvar all there Imei number visible but not in device and even WiFi,Bluetooth Not Working if someone know please...
  13. Naveed.M

    Nextbook Model No.NX6A8116R Need Firmware And flashing Method

    Error On Screen ( Andriod boot failed.) Need solution for this and Firmware link and Flashing Method And most important think this issue will be solve or not #Advice
  14. Naveed.M

    HTC-D826W Flashing error

    HTC-D826W Can't Able To Solve This Issue
  15. Naveed.M

    INTEX Star 2 - Need firmwaer S/w ver: v02_CD_india [Solved]

    Need This 'Ver' Firmware i Am not Getting This 'Ver' Anywhere if i Try With Any Other 'Ver' Its Getting Error Device Bricked Please Provide The Solution For This Brand : INTEX Model : Aqua Star 2 H/W Ver : c947w_V1.01_PCB S/W Ver ...
  16. Naveed.M

    How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive

    (CAUTION IT WILL DELETE ALL YOUR DATA ON SD CARD OR USB DRIVE SO PROCEED ONLY IF YOU ARE OK WITH LOOSING DATA)Go to------Run------CMD #Below are the commands which you can use: 1- Diskpart 2- List Disk 3- Select Disk 1 (Choose the correct number based on your computer) 4- Clean 5- Create...
  17. Naveed.M

    INFOCUS M330 flashing error

    Its Based MTK CPU File Format is nbo. When I Try to Flash Getting This Type Error, How To Solve This Issue And is There Any Chance Get SCATTER File, And Can Able to flash with SP TOOL, if Anyone face this type of issue kindly Suggest How to Debug this Issue
  18. Naveed.M

    Samsung SM-N9208 Binary 5 Need combination file

    I Try i Z3x & Octo+ And even UMT Binary blocked error So Combination file is last option to remove FRP but i am not getting Binary 5 ver File please someone provide me or suggest me to Bypass
  19. Naveed.M

    Lenovo-S860 flashing Error Need solution

    Flashed With S405 & S116 But Same error And Try Done With Box Also But Getting Error this issue related to Software or EMMC Damaged Need Solution please suggest me!!
  20. Naveed.M

    MOTO E2 XT1521 Need firmware

    Need this firmware XT1521 motorola/surnia_retasia_ds/surnia_uds:6.0/MPI24.65-39-4/3