View Full Version : Samsung Galaxy S8 ( G950WVLU5BRG4 ) Combination question

09-15-2018, 11:16 AM
Hey, I have a SM-G950WVLU5BRG4 snapdragon s8 that I need to carrier swap. I need it to be able to work with any carrier here, so I thought that the XAC firmware would work. I downloaded the XAC version of the 950WVLU5BRG4 firmware but I am having difficulties finding the combination file that would go with that specific version of the firmware.

I was able to find the G950USQU5ARG4 combination, but I have been hesitant to go through with the process as of yet since I need to not brick the phone, and I would preferably like to keep as much of the security bits and bobs active as possible.

Basically the way I see it is I have a few different possibilities of how to procceed:

Should I proceed with the files I already have, flash the 950U combination, then the 950W ROM basically keeping it a Canadian phone. (If this method is even possible)

Or should I go all the way and convert it into a G950U model by downloading the G950U firmware that matches the combination file. Will the verification built into the ROMs even allow mismatched hardware/software versions anymore?

Or should I either wait for someone to provide a combination file, or find someone willing to help me figure out how to get my hands on it myself. If it is something that resides on the phone already or is fairly straight forward to get I would actually prefer this because it seems the least risky.

I am not exactly new to flashing ROMs or fixing the screwups that can come from trying to do something you shouldn't with a phone, I had a full linux environment running directly on the hardware of a samsung tablet, the only thing I was missing was display.

Any insight into this is greatly appreciated.