These days the whole world is facing a pandemic of COVID-19. The virus is spreading very fast. Social distancing is the most effective measure to withstand it. Many businesses have been forced to shut down as the situation continuously worsens.

As an extraordinary measure, we have decided to give you a temporary possibility to work from home in order to stay afloat if your workshop is closed for quarantine or you wish to isolate yourself voluntarily, but don’t want to lose your customers. Even if you are at home, you still can service phones remotely using Octoplus Box or Dongle without having contact with people directly.

Of course, you have to instruct your customers, spend some time preparing your and their PCs to complete this procedure, so we made this short tutorial to make your life easier.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that you’re still not allowed to share Octoplus Box with others as Card sharing is Piracy and will lead to permanent ban (for more info read this statement).

However, servicing phones remotely won’t be treated as a breach of rules untill the end of the current pandemic situation as an exception. This option will be prohibited when things will get back to normal.

Please follow fair use principles, do not dump the market, and treat your colleagues as you’d like to be treated yourself, as any abuse or complaints may lead to personal sanctions.
Not all other boxes/dongles can be used this way, so be careful!

How to connect Samsung S9 (SM-G960F) remotely

Let's start!
First, you should establish a VPN (virtual private network) connection between yours and the customer's PC using the Radmin VPN software.

�� Download and install the Radmin VPN software on both PCs.
Download link:

�� Launch the software on your PC and press ‘Create New Network’.

�� Provide your customer with the name and password of the network so that they can join you.

�� After a successful connection, you will see the name of the customerīs PC and their virtual IP.

�� Now the customer has to share their phone using the USB Network Gate software
Please note! USB Network Gate software is a payware, but there is a 14-day trial period for sharing devices. Since you are the ‘client’, not the ‘server’, this should work with as many customers as you need. Or you can also use any other sharing software.

�� The customer has to connect the phone directly to the USB port of their PC and share the device (their phone) via the USB Network Gate software.


After this, you will see the shared phone in the USB Network Gate software on your side.


�� The phone should be detected by the Device Manager on your PC as Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device.


When the user's phone is detected on your PC, you can start the service procedure.

�� Launch the Octoplus Box Samsung software, choose the needed model, and press the ‘Help’ button (here you can find the drivers required for Samsung Phones and step by step manual).

�� In the COM Port, you can see the customer's phone detected as Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device.

�� Press “Read info”. You can see that the phone is detected correctly and your job can be done.

Wishing you good health and all the best!
Octoplus Box Team

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