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Thread: All Nokia Schematics Here

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    All Nokia Schematics Here

    All Nokia Schematics Here

    Nokia 1200 RH-99, RH-100
    Nokia 2310 RM-189
    Nokia 2505 RM-307
    Nokia 2600 classic RM-340, RM-341
    Nokia 2610 RH-86
    Nokia 2680 slide RM-392, RM-393
    Nokia 2700c-2 RM-561
    Nokia 3109 classic RM-274
    Nokia 3110 classic RM-237
    Nokia 3230 RM-51
    Nokia 3250 RM-38
    Nokia 3310 NHM-5NX
    Nokia 3500 classic RM-272, RM-273
    Nokia 3510 NHM-8
    Nokia 3510i RH-9
    Nokia 3600 slide RM-352
    Nokia 3610 fold RM-429
    Nokia 500 RM-750
    Nokia 5130 XpressMusic RM-495, RM-496
    Nokia 5200 RM-174, RM-181
    Nokia 5220 XpressMusic RM-410, RM-411
    Nokia 5300 RM-146, RM-147
    Nokia 5310 XpressMusic RM-303, RM-304
    Nokia 5320 RM-409, RM-416, RM-417, RM-418
    Nokia 5500d RM-86
    Nokia 5510 NPM-5
    Nokia 5610 RM-242, RM-279, RM-358, RM-359
    Nokia 5700 RM-230, RM-302
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic RM-356, RM-427, RM-428
    Nokia 600 RM-701
    Nokia 6021 RM-94
    Nokia 6030 RM-74, RM-75
    Nokia 6060 RH-73
    Nokia 6070 RM-166, RM-167
    Nokia 6085 RM-198
    Nokia 6086 RM-188
    Nokia 6110 Navigator RM-122
    Nokia 6111 RM-82
    Nokia 6120 classic RM-243, RM-310
    Nokia 6121 classic RM-308
    Nokia 6125 RM-178
    Nokia 6126 RM-126
    Nokia 6131 RM-115
    Nokia 6133 RM-115, RM-126
    Nokia 6136 RM-199
    Nokia 6151 RM-200
    Nokia 6170 RM-47
    Nokia 6210 Navigator RM-367
    Nokia 6220 RH-20
    Nokia 6230 RH-12, RH-28
    Nokia 6233 RM-145
    Nokia 6234 RM-123
    Nokia 6260 RM-25
    Nokia 6260 slide RM-368
    Nokia 6263 RM-207
    Nokia 6267 RM-210
    Nokia 6270 RM-56
    Nokia 6280 RM-78
    Nokia 6820 RM-69
    Nokia 700 RM-670
    Nokia 7070 RH-116, RH-117
    Nokia 7200 RH-23
    Nokia 7210 NHL-4
    Nokia 7210 supernova RM-436
    Nokia 7250 NHL-4J
    Nokia 7270 RM-8
    Nokia 7280 RM-14
    Nokia 7310 supernova RM-378, RM-379
    Nokia 7360 RM-127
    Nokia 7370 RM-70
    Nokia 7373 RM-209
    Nokia 7380 RM-111
    Nokia 7390 RM-140
    Nokia 7500 RM-249, RM-250
    Nokia 7510 Supernova RM-398, RM-399
    Nokia 7610 RH-51
    Nokia 7610 supernova RM-354
    Nokia 7650 NHL-2
    Nokia 7710 RM-12
    Nokia 7900 RM-264
    Nokia 8600 LUNA RM-164
    Nokia 8800 RM-13
    Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition RM-165
    Nokia 8801 RM-33
    Nokia 8910 NHM-4
    Nokia 9300 RAE-6
    Nokia 9300i RA-8
    Nokia 9500 RA-2
    Nokia Asha 200 RM-761
    Nokia Asha 201 RM-799, RM-800
    Nokia Asha 202 RM-834
    Nokia Asha 2020 RM-834
    Nokia Asha 203 RM-832
    Nokia Asha 2030 RM-833
    Nokia Asha 300 RM-781
    Nokia Asha 302 RM-813
    Nokia Asha 303 RM-763
    Nokia Asha 305 RM-766
    Nokia Asha 306 RM-767, RM-768
    Nokia Asha 308 RM-838, RM-852
    Nokia Asha 309 RM-843, RM-844
    Nokia Asha 311 RM-714
    Nokia Asha 3110 RM-714
    Nokia C1-00 RM-689
    Nokia C1-01 RM-607
    Nokia C1-02 RM-643, RM-644
    Nokia C1-03 RM-608
    Nokia C2-00 RM-704
    Nokia C2-01 RM-721, RM-722
    Nokia C3-00 RM-614
    Nokia C3-01 RM-640
    Nokia C3-01m RM-662
    Nokia C5-00 RM-645
    Nokia C5-03 RM-697, RM-719
    Nokia C5-05 RM-815
    Nokia C6-00 RM-612, RM-624
    Nokia C6-01 RM-601, RM-718
    Nokia C7-00 RM-675, RM-691
    Nokia E5-00 RM-632, RM-634, RM-699
    Nokia E50-1 RM-170
    Nokia E50-2 RM-171
    Nokia E6-00 RM-609
    Nokia E60 RM-49
    Nokia E61 RM-89
    Nokia E61i RM-227
    Nokia E62 RM-88
    Nokia E65 RM-208
    Nokia E66 RM-343, RM-345, RM-420
    Nokia E7-00 RM-626
    Nokia E70 RM-10, RM-24
    Nokia E71 RM-346, RM-357, RM-407
    Nokia E72 RM-529, RM-530, RM-584
    Nokia E75 RM-412, RM-413
    Nokia Lumia 610 RM-835, RM-836
    Nokia Lumia 710 RM-803, RM-809
    Nokia Lumia 800 RM-801, RM-809
    Nokia Lumia 900 RM-808
    Nokia N-GAGE RH-29
    Nokia N610 TFE-4
    Nokia N616 RV-1
    Nokia N70 RM-84, RM-99
    Nokia N71 RM-67, RM-112
    Nokia N72 RM-180
    Nokia N73-1 RM-133
    Nokia N73-5 RM-132
    Nokia N76-1 RM-135
    Nokia N76-5 RM-245
    Nokia N77 RM-194, RM-195
    Nokia N770 SU-18
    Nokia N78 RM-235, RM-236, RM-342
    Nokia N8-00 RM-596
    Nokia N80 RM-91, RM-92
    Nokia N800 RX-34
    Nokia N81 RM-179, RM-223
    Nokia N810 RX-44
    Nokia N82 RM-313, RM-314
    Nokia N85 RM-333, RM-334, RM-335
    Nokia N86 RM-484, RM-485, RM-486
    Nokia N9 RM-696
    Nokia N90 RM-42
    Nokia N900 RX-51
    Nokia N91 RM-43, RM-158
    Nokia N92 RM-100
    Nokia N93 RM-55, RM-153
    Nokia N93i-1 RM-156
    Nokia N93i-5 RM-157
    Nokia N95 RM-159, RM-245
    Nokia N96 RM-247, RM-297, RM-472
    Nokia N97 RM-505, RM-506, RM-507
    Nokia N97 mini RM-553, RM-555
    Nokia NM750i RM-309
    Nokia Oro C7-00s RM-749
    Nokia X1-00 RM-732, RM-733
    Nokia X2-00 RM-618
    Nokia X2-01 RM-709, RM-717
    Nokia X3 RM-540
    Nokia X3-02 RM-639
    Nokia X5-00 RM-678
    Nokia X5-01 RM-627, RM-648
    Nokia X6 RM-551, RM-552, RM-559
    Nokia X7-00 RM-707
    Nokia X7-00.1 RM-659


    ASHA 311_rm-714_schematics v1.0.rar






    Nokia Lumia 620 RM-846 Service.rar

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    nokia asha 500, rm-934
    plz send service schematics ,urjent,,,,

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