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Thread: need model and file

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    need model and file

    INFO max-download-size: 0x8000000
    INFO partition-sizereloader2: 40000
    INFO partition-typereloader2: raw data
    INFO partition-sizepl: 40000
    INFO partition-typepl: raw data
    INFO partition-size:md3img: 500000
    INFO partition-type:md3img: raw data
    INFO partition-size:md1arm7: 300000
    INFO partition-type:md1arm7: raw data
    INFO partition-size:md1dsp: 400000
    INFO partition-type:md1dsp: raw data
    INFO partition-size:md1img: 1800000
    INFO partition-type:md1img: raw data
    INFO partition-size:userdata: 32000000
    INFO partition-type:userdata: ext4
    INFO partition-size:cache: 1b000000
    INFO partition-type:cache: ext4
    INFO partition-size:system: a0000000
    INFO partition-type:system: ext4
    INFO partition-size:metadata: 2000000
    INFO partition-type:metadata: raw data
    INFO partition-size:nvdata: 2000000
    INFO partition-type:nvdata: ext4
    INFO partition-size:tee2: 500000
    INFO partition-type:tee2: raw data
    INFO partition-size:tee1: 500000
    INFO partition-type:tee1: raw data
    INFO partition-size:frp: 100000
    INFO partition-type:frp: raw data
    INFO partition-size:expdb: a00000
    INFO partition-type:expdb: raw data
    INFO partition-size:custom: 20000000
    INFO partition-type:custom: ext4
    INFO partition-size:logo: 800000
    INFO partition-type:logo: raw data
    INFO partition-sizeara: 80000
    INFO partition-typeara: raw data
    INFO partition-size:keystore: d00000
    INFO partition-type:keystore: raw data
    INFO partition-size:secro: 600000
    INFO partition-type:secro: raw data
    INFO partition-sizeemkeystore: 800000
    INFO partition-typeemkeystore: raw data
    INFO partition-size:recovery: 1000000
    INFO partition-type:recovery: raw data
    INFO partition-size:boot: 1000000
    INFO partition-type:boot: raw data
    INFO partition-size:lk2: 100000
    INFO partition-type:lk2: raw data
    INFO partition-size:lk: 100000
    INFO partition-type:lk: raw data
    INFO partition-size:seccfg: 800000
    INFO partition-type:seccfg: raw data
    INFO partition-sizerotect2: 938000
    INFO partition-typerotect2: ext4
    INFO partition-sizerotect1: 800000
    INFO partition-typerotect1: ext4
    INFO partition-size:nvram: 500000
    INFO partition-type:nvram: raw data
    INFO partition-sizeroinfo: 700000
    INFO partition-typeroinfo: raw data
    INFO partition-sizereloader: 40000
    INFO partition-typereloader: raw data
    INFO off-mode-charge: 1
    INFO warranty: yes
    INFO unlocked: no
    INFO secure: yes
    INFO kernel: lk
    INFO product: MZ6755_66_N
    INFO version-preloader:
    INFO version: 0.5

    pls how to find model
    and correct firmware

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    use mrt dongle and find the model

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