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Thread: UnOfficial Guide of NetworKing ( Must know for every computer guy )

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    UnOfficial Guide of NetworKing ( Must know for every computer guy )

    Here i Discuss About some Basic Unofficial Guide Commands & Tricks

    1.Inscrease your surfing speed.

    #When we put any Url in browser. He first change the address to Number by perform DNSlookup.
    #Just edit the Host file (c: windows\system32\driver\hosts)
    e.g 201.105. **.15 GsmDevelopers for Gsm community

    2.Ports (RFC)

    Ping 7 : check host is alive or not.
    Telnet 23 : Now ISP block this port.
    Http 80 : Dwonloading webpage
    rlogin 513 : (IS spoofing used here.
    Ftp 21 : Transfering file.


    when you type in your browser than this Request Passes through a large number of Computers.
    #Open Ms-DOS
    #type :cd\
    #type :tracert gsm


    Interesting hacking Command.Allow hacker to obtain list of user,system name , domain
    #c: \windows>netstat -a <host>

    Combination Ipaddress and Ports

    6.From where i learn MsDOS commands ?
    #type : c: \window>dir/?


    8.IP spoofing
    where a Attacker does't want any rensponse 4m Remote Host or ISP

    9.IP & MAC Address differance
    Ip- 32bit
    Mac- y:y:yy:y:yy:y 40bit

    10.Buffer Overflow Attacks
    Still one of most Lethal Method of breaking into remote system and causing Havoc.
    Types : Stack , format string , heap , integer

    11.Http Daemon (service) Response
    This Response have 3digit 1xx to 5xx know as Status code. Like 404 error.
    Series : function
    2xx : succesful Http command
    3xx : error due to moving document
    4xx : error cause at browser side
    5xx : error at the server side
    (Yesterday :yu: )

    12.SQL injection Attacks
    Through login , search , guestbook , feedback form

    **More updates coming soon**

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