What's New :

  • Added support for S102DL (Galaxy A10e Tracfone)
  • Added support for S205DL (Galaxy A20 Tracfone)
  • Added support for S506DL (Galaxy A50 Tracfone)
  • Fixed Fail(meid) error while trying to repair S10/S10e/S10+

  • NEW : Added automatic Repair for 'No SimCard' problem in S10, S10e, S10+ > Just press Calculate SEC (Default Options)
    • ​If phone was unlocked by SamKEY TMO before, NO CREDIT WILL BE CONSUMED !

  • NEW : Unlocking process for S102DL, S205DL, S506DL has been improved/OPTIMIZED
  • NEW : Minor Bugs has been fixed (like debug level setting timeout)

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