Obviously, Android rooting has been a controversial matter all over the time and It will be the same forever. Let's get to know why Android rooting is this much controversial and why users prefer it although it is controversial. In simple words, rooting is the process of obtaining superuser access rights. superuser access rights allow users to extend the usual Android capabilities and do anything virtually which is restricted on non-rooted Android. According to the official researches, one click root software such as Kingoroot, Framaroot are frequently used to root Android smartphones but end up installing Adware.

Why Android Rooting Is Dangerous

Technically, superuser access rights grant full control over your Android smartphone but violate Androidís basic security principles as you hack your smartphone yourself. Technically, Android apps have been designed to work isolated work spaces and none of the apps can access other apps. But, an app that has superuser access can simple access to other apps do what it wants. It is really, dangerous to devise security and you put your device in danger by rooting

How Do Malicious Applications Affect On Rooted Devices

Usually, a number of Trojan for Android are attempting to get access to the Android system. Trojan malware is recognized as a type of malware often acts as genuine software. Trojan malware is used by cyber-thieves and hackers to access the user's system and often pretend to be genuine and inspire users to execute the software on their devices. Once, Trojan is activated, criminals and hackers can steal data and spy on you. Rooting your device your self works like a big opportunity for Trojan for Android and mobile Trojans can steal passwords, install unauthorized applications, Modify firmware for Trojans exists longer and more

Root Or Not

As you may see, Rooting is a really risky task but hard to avoid due to benefits. So, make sure to learn how to handle a rooted device before gaining the root access would be the wise step you can do for your safety.

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