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Thread: How To Root Android - Best Root Apps Ever

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    How To Root Android - Best Root Apps Ever

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    Most of the time, Root apps are the basic purpose of Android rooting. Root apps are the apps that require root permission to access the core part of the Android system. Most of them are used to modify the rooted Android smartphones and some of them are used to extend the functionality of Android smartphones. There are lots of root apps and here you can find some of them

    Root Android

    Most of Android users try to root their to expand the current capabilities of their devices. Usually, stock Android smartphones have fewer capabilities when compared to its original capabilities. So, none of Android smartphone users is getting what they expect from their devices. It is because of the software restrictions that the device manufacturer has been imposed on the system to prevent unauthorized modifications and access attempts. However, if you dare to break these software restrictions, there are lots of Android capabilities awaiting for you.

    Methods To Root Android

    One-Click Rooting Apps - One-click rooting apps are really easy to use and only require a simple knowledge to proceed. One-click root tools perform all the technical part of the rooting process leaving one tapping to the Android user

    PC Method - Android has two mode recover mode and fastboot mode instead of the usual mode. Fastboot protocol allows users to update the flash file system in Android devices. Using fastboot mode users are able to flash custom recovery file and then, users are able to flash root binaries and get the root access. But Samsung Odin differs as it uses the stock recovery to flash root binaries on Samsung Galaxy devices

    Best Root Apps Evers

    TWRP Manager - TWRP manager is the official application to install custom recovery on your device. Generally, you have to use a PC to flash a custom recovery on your device in fastboot mode. But TWRP manager allows you to install a custom recovery image on your device as simple as installing an Android app. The app requires root access and also it is not compatible with all most all of devices

    EX Kernel Manager - Kernel is the program that helps your Android apps to communicate with the hardware part of your device and also with external peripheral such as earphones. All the Android devices are shipped with stock kernel and it has a standard process to manage kernel. But you can replace the stock kernel with a custom kernel and enhance the functionality of your device and extend the battery life, As same as custom recovery, you need a PC to flash a kernel. EX Kernel Manager is an app which allows users to manage both stock and custom kernels providing features kernel back up and restore functions

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