Hello forum, I have one really stubborn zenfone on my hand. A good friend gave it to me to see if I could do anything to make it work again, from what I understand he tried to install something, don't know what, and it restarted gave an Invalid boot image error and just hangs on the logo.

From here the fun part begins, It doesn't go into recovery, only csc mode. With fastboot I only could boot into recovery, but still can't do anything from there. I've registered an account here just because of this thread Asus Z010D invalid boot image problem. So I've installed QFIL, opened up the phone, shorted the pins and connected the cable, the port status changes to whatever 9008, click download and then spits the error ''Fail: Switch to EDL fail Failed to switch to emergency download mode.

Please help as I really don't know what to try anymore.

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