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  29. I need htc d516h dump file
  30. Samsung tab p3100 dead boot repair done with z3x easyjtag
  31. Htc desire u only ruu mode with four traingle in four side
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  35. samsung i9300i boot file
  36. samsung gt-i9192
  37. Samsung GT-i9500 Ime Null
  38. a5 a5000 full dump file needed
  39. Help here please?
  40. Redmi 1s dead done by emmc repaire (no qc drivers detected )
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  45. raw i9082
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  48. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 No Pit Partition Success
  49. samsung s7562 emmc write problem plz help me
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  51. Sir i need New Easy jatg box
  52. Samsung SM-G531F dead in flashing process.Is it possible for recovery in Z3X Jtag box
  53. how to boot repair samsung J700f
  54. jtag isp adapter
  55. Samsung J700F Dead boot Repair error
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  62. >>>>>>>Samsung n7100 emmc repaire done<<<<<<<
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  71. [Tutorials] SAMSUNG N7100 EMMC REPAIR BY MOYAL
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  73. puneeth sir R raja sir how to download emmc file from easyjtag support
  74. moto e x1022 easy jtag succes or failed repley
  75. samsung n7100 Repair EXT CSD file for emmc
  76. After Boot Repair By SD Card Make from z3x jtag .............pit not flashing........
  77. GT-P3100 still dead after repair boot
  78. [Tutorials] World' 1st SAMSUNG J7 FRP REMOVE VIA EMMC {ISP}
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  80. moto e quoalcom usb 9008
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  88. S7582 its hardware ??
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  94. Htc 826w emmc pinout here
  95. samsung N7100 after MoviNAND factory reset
  96. need j120f emmc_direct_pinout
  98. motorola xt1056 hard bricked
  99. Samsung g530h pit error after repaire also
  100. KMQNW000SM-B316 how to update this frimware ??/
  101. SM-J100H Partitioning not detected...
  102. How To Read Data From Emmc With Easy Jtag Box
  103. How To write dump for Galaxy S dous GT-s7562
  104. How To Write Dump For Galaxy Grand Prime Sm-G530H/Dv
  105. xt1022 after sucessfull repair mobile was on Hs-usb QDloder9008 help me
  106. samsung g530h during flash set dead
  107. Samsung GT-I9060 Hang On Kies Mode Done
  108. Zte S183 when i connect this error show...
  109. How to JTAG SM-J120G
  110. n910p emmc diect plz
  111. S7500 boot repair help
  112. how to emmc dump frimware write ???
  113. need nokia 1520(rm-937) emmc pinout
  114. samsung g531f after flash set dead
  115. need sm-g316hu emmc pinout
  116. 7102 Dead recover done
  117. Lg spirit lte (lg-442) emmc pinout here
  118. j110h dead aftr flash
  119. samsung i9192 unbrick solution
  120. totally dead s7562 recover data photos VasimSiyana
  121. Coolpad 8297L-100 need Dump
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  123. Samsung_i8552 rcp file with pinout boot repair
  124. MT6580 change emmc not work
  125. Nokia XL Dead Boot Done
  126. Sm-a700fd emmc repair done
  127. Nokia Lumia 520
  128. samsung n7100 and i9300 ( z3x jtag direct EMMC REPIER ) - step by step inside
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  130. karbonn s29 elite emmc change but not power on
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  133. Problem of gitag card z3x
  134. Samsung J2 Prime G532G Dead Boot Repair Done 100% Dead Recovered
  135. EasyJTAG PLUS SW Updated 29.05.2017 (ver
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  138. Sony experia E 5563 dead duri flash with flash tool
  139. Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error
  140. Need Oppo Yoyo (R2001) pinouts & boot repair file
  141. Xioami {2014712} eMMC Replace & Programming By Moyal
  142. htc d826w
  143. Oppo R831K Wipe Data Failed [Solved] By Moyal Software
  144. Nokia X Plus Dump need
  145. Htc 616h mtk dual sim emmc repair done by raviraj mobile
  146. Samsung J2 J200H Dead Boot Repair Done 100% Dead Recovered By Z3X Jtag
  147. Xioami {2013121} eMMC Replace & Programming By Moyal Software
  148. G532G BOOT Repair OK but EFS issue
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  150. Helper repair emmc und boot not 4
  151. S7262 dead boot repair
  152. Nokia Lumia dead boot repair done
  153. Samsung G531f NO IMAGE: Warningmassage.jpg Error, im New For Easy Jtag
  154. Need LG H502f easy jtag dump file
  155. help j100h/dd dead boot repair problem
  156. pls help lg e445
  157. Samsung G531F CMD Timeout Error Need Help
  158. Oppo A11W boot repair file needed
  159. how to use 4 in 1 emmc cable
  160. Help me
  161. xiomi mi 2014912 note 4g. ....emmc jtag point provide.....
  162. Coolpad Dazen 1 Cannot Fix 11% error
  163. LG H502F Boot repair procedure
  164. Panasonic p55 emmc chnange hynix to samsung by jtag box by adeel khan>>>>?
  165. coolpad dazen 1 8297l-i00 11 flashing error problem
  166. help me
  167. Samsung J200H flashing with easy jtag need help
  168. my new z3x easy jtag error says at any time
  169. My new z3x easy jtag error says
  170. S7562 Rstart problm
  171. Samsung J500H Dead Boot Fix Via Jtag
  172. MOTO XR1643 FRP removed done 1 september seurity with easy jtag
  173. plz sahre lenevo a6000 correct emmc pinout
  174. Find pin or pattern lock with Easy Jtag?
  175. World first moto nexus 6 <7.1.1> frp remoove from easy jtag box adeel khan>>>>>>>>>>
  176. j710fn dead after emmc dump write
  177. panasonic p31 emmc tutorial need
  178. Micromax D320 daed recover done👍👍
  179. Samsung N7000 Failed Writing File GPT.bin Need Solution im New User Of Easy JTAG
  180. Need help for samsung i8190 dead booing
  181. htc desire 616 dual sim d616h dead recover done
  182. XT1603 Jtag Pinout!
  183. samsung 9082 dead data images contacts recovery done
  184. Micromax A106 Emmc Repair need help
  185. GPT Damaged
  186. Micromax AQ4501 daed recover done
  187. Need Nokia 525 (rm-998) emmc pinout
  188. Lg D380 daed recover done
  189. samsung g530h daed recover done
  190. coolpad dazan 1 11% error (8297L-100) done by easyjtag box
  191. Samsung J200G Dead Boot Reapair with EASY JTAG
  192. samsung n900 data recovery possible
  193. g532g efs faill after repair boot
  194. emmc firmware update solution
  195. Need kdz or tot file 4 lg h810
  196. Xolo Q700 dead recovered by easy jtag
  197. Lenovo A6000 change emmc up 8gb 1gb ram to 16gb 2gb ram done
  198. Need Huawei ascend G730-U10 dead Solution
  199. motorola xt1550 dump file need
  200. Samsung GT-N7100 "Emmc" Repair Done
  201. Coolpad Dazen1 11% Flashing Failed Problem Solved Using Z3x Jtag Plus
  202. HTC M8Q OP6B650 only qualcomm port show when connect with pc
  203. Samsung J2 Prime G532F Dead Boot Repair Done 100% Dead Recovered By Easy Jtag
  204. plz sahre motorola xt1557 emmc pinout
  205. Spice Xlife M5 Pro eMMC Replace & Reprogramme Via Plus
  206. i need coolpad note 3 direct pinout
  207. Please help replace emmc for asus selfie Z00UD
  208. Asus z_00ed emmc proble solved with 8gb to 16 gb by jtag box>>>>>>>>
  209. how to backup data from dead mobile
  210. Need Yuphoria 5010 emmc pinout and dump
  211. Samsung Z130H efs partition not found dead..
  212. Micromax D321 Emmc state"Read only" repair by easy jtag..
  213. htc 516h hang to logo flesh but same change emmc repair with easy jtag done
  214. lenovo s850 hang to logo flesh but same change emmc repair easy jtag done
  215. Samsung n7100 hang to logo & Flash Error'S Done With EasyJtag
  216. samsung j110h emmc repair done
  217. xt1506 dead boot repair pinout needed
  218. INTEX AQUA LIFE III Dead Flashing Error Done By Easy Jtag
  219. Samsung S 7562 Restart on boot screen and no download mode solved with Easy Jtag...
  220. Samsung g7102
  221. Acer One 7 EMMC pinout Needed!
  222. Samsung Tab 2 (P3100) Restart on boot screen not going to download mode solved.......
  223. Sm-j120h emmc dead boot done here
  224. J100H EMMC repair done EasyJtag
  225. Samsung g532f dead repair done by easy jtag plus
  226. vivo v5 model-1601 dead recovery done
  227. lyf ls-4503 dead qualcomm port show only done
  228. SM-G600FY Qualcomm HS-USB QdLoader 9008 mode
  229. Direct eMMC Samsung Flasher
  230. sm-g900f How to config boot partition for sm-g900f ? Partition 1 boot or user area b
  231. Samsung SM-G610F ISP PINOUT NEEDED
  232. First Time Sony Xperia C (C2305) Dump Read By Easy JTAG..
  233. Micromax A106 hang on logo solved by emmc repair
  234. Lenovo S820 Firmware/Dump Write Done But Mobile Still Dead & GPT: not present
  235. Coolpad Dazen1 8297l-100 11% Error PROBLEM SOLVED
  236. htc 816w 0P9C70000 dump need
  237. how to check if new emmc chips have already bootloader file
  238. Easy Jtag Pluse Eroors Need Salutionsssss
  239. Samsung Emmc KMQN10013M-B318
  240. Need user data; Mount [USERDATA] Full Disk Encryption
  241. MICROMAX A106 eMMC Repair Done
  242. z3x jtag not working please help
  243. Yu5510hang to logo no fast boot edl point but fleshing erore done with easy jtag
  244. Lava iris win1 bootloader crashed
  245. Samsung j710f/fn write dump after no Pawer done done
  246. HELP.... Samsung J200G only Download Mode
  247. hello need lenova A328 emmc pinout
  248. Micromax a102 hang on logo done by JTAG plus
  249. Coolpad Dazen 1 (8297L-l00) not connecting on Easy Jtag
  250. LG H811 making QD Loader 9008 port....