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  1. Happy Birthday My Friend androidlabs
  2. Happy birthday my friend Akshay
  3. Happy birthday my friend SWAPAN_MISHRA
  4. Happy birthday to my friend jamesjress.
  5. Today My Brother James Jerss Birthday So Totally Changed All whatsapp Group Dp N Name
  6. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day sanjeev_chouhan Brother
  7. ★★EID Mubarak Team GsmDevelopers★★
  8. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Brother
  9. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Ch Srinivas
  10. happy independence day to all GsmDevelopers member
  11. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day GsmAsh
  12. Happy aug 15 to all Country that Celebrate this
  13. Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes To All My Dear Gsmdevelopers Family
  14. Happy Birthday To ZS-MALIK
  15. Congratulation To My Dear Brother .:::Md::Ali:::. Have A Beautiful baby born
  16. ★★🌙EID Mubarak Team GsmDevelopers🌙★★
  17. Congratulation Happy married life James Jerss
  18. Happy Navoratri All My Gsmdevelopers Friends
  19. Congratulations To Our Gsmdevelopers New Moderator Sanjeev Chauhan
  20. Many many happy returns of the day raja software god bless you
  21. Happy Birthday gsmbiplob
  22. Happy birthday manik bro(pm of rmunlocker.com)
  23. Happy dipawali to all my team and forum members
  24. Wish u all very happy christmas
  25. Happy New Year 2017 to All Gsmdevelopers Forum Member
  26. Happy birthday moyal bro
  27. happy pongal 2017 in tamil nadu
  28. Happy Republic Day For All Indian.........
  29. Happy Birthday ac-gsm971
  30. Happy Birthday Faruk Patwary Bro
  31. Happy Valentine’s Day
  32. Happy Birthday To Rocky Raj
  33. Happy Birthday Rocky Bro
  34. Happy birthday to my lovely brother,
  35. happy birthday rocyraj sir
  36. Happy Birthday To Our Most Seniour ( * Virus Uncle * )
  37. Happy Birthday Habeeb Kambrath Bro
  38. Happy Birthday To Our Honorable Ceo Rahul_Bhutani
  39. Happy HOLI To All My Friends & All Gsmdevelopers Friends-Members
  40. ...:::Happy Birthday:::... l Allumts l Brorther:::...
  41. Wishing A Happy Independence Day Of Bangladesh...Team GSMDevelopers
  42. Happy Birthday To Our Saif Ur Rahman Bro & Immu (Atom) Bro
  43. Happy Birthday George Anna
  44. Happy Easter to All Gsmdevelopers Members
  45. happy birthday to dear AKSHAY
  46. Happy Birthday To Our Darling (M.D-ALI) Bro
  47. Happy Birthday to Our Dear Brother **Swapan_Mishra**
  49. Happy Birthday Dear Friend Prem India
  50. Happy Birthday Friend Puneet_Sharma
  51. The blessing of Ramadan Approached
  52. Happy ramadan to all my muslim brother's
  53. Today is a Big Day { James Jerss Bro} Birthday
  54. Happy birthday Vinod bro
  55. Happy Birthday Dear Sanjeev Bhaiya
  56. Happy Birthday Dear Anil_Kumrawat
  57. Alvida juma mubarak
  58. Eid Mubarak To All Gsm Developers Members
  59. Happy Rath Yatra........
  60. Life of a Cellphone Technician
  61. Happy Birthday Dear GSM-SAM
  62. Congratulations James Jerss bro
  63. Happy Birthday to Our Yasin Shareef Brother
  64. Happy Birthday Dear Ch Srinivas (ANNA)
  65. Thanks Gsm Developers
  66. Happy Birthday To You Dear Bro ASH
  67. Happy Independence Day | India
  68. Happy independents wishes to gsmdeveloper team and all members
  69. Happy Independence Day
  70. Hello To All Gmdeveloper Members
  71. ★★🌙EID Mubarak Team GsmDevelopers🌙★★
  72. Happy wedding Anniversary to James Jerss
  73. Happy Birthday Dear Mohd Saqib
  74. Happy Dussehra to All
  75. Happy Diwali And Happy new year to all MY FRIENDS
  76. Happy Birthday PASSIONATE_BOYS (Vicky ) Bro
  77. Happy_Chhath puja 2017
  78. Many more happy returns of the day dear Abu Rezwan
  79. Happy Birthday to Our Dear Brother Shikhar_Kadariya
  80. Happy birthday Azim bahar brother
  81. Many more happy returns of the day dear Shadan Siddique
  82. Congratulations New Moderator Sonu Ansari 786
  83. Congratulations New Super Moderator GD_Mekail92
  84. ***Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all GsmDevelopers Forum Members ****
  85. Happy Birthday to Our Dear Brother anjanbonik
  86. Congratulations new Moderator my big bro Imran333100
  87. ..::: Happy New Year 2018 to all GsmDevelopers Forum Members :::..
  88. Happy Birthday Dear SONU ANSARI 786
  89. Happy Birth Day moyal brother
  90. Congratulations To Our Gsmdevelopers New Moderator a1mobilecaretirupur
  91. Congratulations My Brother Gulfamkhan
  92. Happy Birth Day Sadique sha brother
  93. Happy Birthday to Our Dear Brother Arsalan Raja
  94. Happy Republic Day
  95. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day To ac-gsm971
  96. Happy Birth Day MP Hussain brother
  97. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day ABkhan26
  98. Many Many happy returns of the Day The GD_Mekail92
  99. Congratulations To Our Gsmdevelopers New Moderator
  100. Many Many happy returns of Day Imran Ansari Bro
  101. Happy Birthday My Dear Brother gsm_rony
  102. Happy Birthday My Dear Brother Faruk Patwary
  103. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Imteyaz Bhai
  104. Today My Lovely Brother Rocky Birthday
  105. Happy Birthday Dear Rohit Sharma
  106. Congrats Mohd Saqib Bro From Moderator to Super Moderator
  107. Happy holi all Members
  108. New VIP Member ABkhan26 Congratulations Bro
  109. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Allumts Bro
  110. Martyrs' Day - Tribute to Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru
  111. New VIP Member Congratulations Zs_Malik Bro
  112. Happy Birthday My Dear Atom Bro
  113. Happy Birthday Saif ur Rahman Bro (Frp -killer & icloud Killer )
  114. ***Very Happy Easter to All Gsmdevelopers Members***
  115. R a m a d a n mubarak to all of you
  116. Happy Birthday Prem India
  117. happy Birthday Punit brother
  118. Happy Birthday James Jerss Bro (King Of Gsm)
  119. ★★🌙EID Mubarak Team GsmDevelopers🌙★★
  120. Happy Birthday Our Lovely Bro Sanjeev_Chauhan
  121. Happy BirthDay YASIN SHAREEF bro
  122. 😘happy birthday 🎂 makhdoom siddique Bro 🎂🎂🎂🎂
  123. Happy Birth Day Dear Ch Srinivas !!!
  124. Happy Independence Day !!!
  125. Happy Independence Day To All
  126. Eid Mubarak All Gsm Developers Forum MEmber
  127. Many more happy returns of day day dear z s Malik
  128. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day The Destroyer (Shoaib Ansari)
  129. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Mohd Saqib
  130. Today is my Birthday
  131. Wish You Very Very Happy Durga Puja Dear Friends
  132. happy diwali
  133. New VIP Member Gsm Narendra Congratulations Bro
  134. Happy Birthday To My Guru MY Inspiration Azim Bahar Sir
  135. New Moderator GSM-SAMEER Congratulations Bro
  136. Congratulations for New VIP New Member
  137. Congratulations To Our Gsmdevelopers New Moderator Ch_Sameer
  138. Happy birth day to dear s.mod masud_sourav !!!
  139. Merry Christmas
  140. ***Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all GsmDevelopers Forum Members ****
  141. Happy New Year To All Our Forum Friends
  142. New VIP Member D SAAKIB ELEC Congratulations Bro
  143. Welcome New Moderator Of Gsmdevelopers Gsm Narendra Bro...
  144. Happy birthday Brother Sadique Sha
  145. New VIP Member Dhanu Yadav Congratulations Bro
  146. Happy Republic Day To All Indian & GsmDevelopers Forum Members
  147. Welcome New Supreme Moderator Of Gsmdevelopers mohd saqib Bro..
  148. Congrats To Supreme Moderators
  149. Happy Birthday Brother Faruk_Patwary
  150. Happy Birthday Bro Sadique Sha
  151. Congrats To AzimBahar Bro For Promote To Team-Administrator !!!
  152. Welcome New VIP Member Shamim Ahmad Congratulations Bro....
  153. Happy birthday Rocky brother
  154. Happy birthday s.k sarsod
  155. New VIP Member Akshay Bhandare Congratulations Bro
  156. Happy birthday dear my brother Allumts
  157. Welcome New VIP Member Sahil Saifi Congratulations Brother...
  158. Happy Birthday Imran Syed Brother
  159. Happy Birthday Akshay Bro SUPER Moderator
  160. Happy BirthdayVikash Chaurasiya Bro
  161. R a m a d a n Mubarak To All Gsmdevelopers Member
  162. Happy Birthday Puneet Sharma BRO
  163. Happy Birthday To The Founder Of This Beautiful Forum JAMES JERSS🎂🎂🎂
  164. Eid Mubarak My All Gsm Friends(Eid-ul-Fitr 2019)
  165. Happy brithday Sanjeev Chauhan brother
  166. Congratulation For Promotion
  167. Happy Brithday Yaseen Bhai
  168. Happy Birthday My Big Brother Gsm Narendra
  169. Many more happy return of the day ny dear ch srinivas bro
  170. Happy friendship day all gsm developers
  171. Eid Mobarak To All My GSM Developers Friends ( Eid Ul Adha 2019)
  172. Advance Happy Indipendence Day & Happy Raksha Bandan
  173. Happy independence day !!!