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Thread: INZ APKTool 2.0 (Windows GUI APK Tool)

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    Post INZ APKTool 2.0 (Windows GUI APK Tool)

    APKTool 2.0

    (Another APK GUI Tool)

    Easy and Small application (Windows GUI)
    based on recent tools, for Decompiling/Recompiling APK, DEX and JAR files.
    Generating keystore/Certificate, Aligning , Signing and Installs APKs

    Features :

    Decompile/Compile APK/DEX/JAR Files
    Zipalign, Sign and Install APK
    baksmali/smali tab (optional)
    Run time add/set "apktool.jar" update file (no need restart)
    Switch between apktool versions
    Framework installer / Framework tagging
    API Level selection dialog (for file being decoded/rebuilt)
    Extract APK, Zip back to APK
    7z Compression level (0-9)
    Verify APK/JAR/ZIP files (if they are signed/modified)
    keystore gererate, list information, add/delete alias, password modify
    Switch between apksigner and Signapk
    Auto create/set directories
    Clear Directory/ies (Ctrl+D)
    Cancel Operation (Kills running process)
    Option to change default paths (next update)
    Spaces, Symboles and special characters in Filename supported
    Java heap. Default = 1024m
    ADB Push / Install APK .. (Use push for system APK)
    Read device information
    Full APK information(dump badging)
    backup Restore APKs (optional)
    Drop down history (main only)
    files Preview (*.xml, *.png , *.jpg .. )
    resource files (*.xml strings , ..) Open/Edit with Notpad++
    log files viewer (by date)
    Enable/Disable Log output
    Simple and Advance form (GUI)
    Skin change.

    Setting options are saved in inifile and will load on launch
    Other features will be added after "bug fix"
    (if u find, please let me know)

    Simple form Screenshot


    link 1 : pwd=TDK11
    link 2 : without pass

    Requirements :
    Windows 7 or above
    Java SE/JDK

    NB :
    As known, there are different types of apktool.jar errors.
    if Error(s) occur(s) while decompiling or mostly while compiling,
    please, try first to switch to earlier version (in some case 2.3.4 works better)
    if error(s) still occurring, then check the log output (keywords) and do some research .
    Also look at apktool's github issues
    Issues * iBotPeaches/Apktool * GitHub

    by default, Manifest , *.smali and resource files(*.xml strings , .. ) are edited with Notepad++
    if Notepad++ is not available in your programs folder, a portable npp will be used instead
    (it will temporarily be extracted to "Application data\local\temp\npp")
    This later will be deleted after application close.

    SAME as APKTool , APK EasyTool ..
    INZ APKTool by Tidikelt GSM, is neither intended for piracy and other illegal uses !
    It could be used for localizing, adding some features or support for custom platforms,
    analyzing applications ..etc.

    Abdelbasset Madani (This GUI Tool creator)

    Special Thanks :

    Ibotpeaches and Contributors (apktool.jar)
    Google, Android NDK (adb, aapt, apksigner, zipalign)
    Bootstraponline (signapk)
    Igor Pavlov (7zip)
    JesusFreke (Baksmali/Smali)


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    Post update 2.1


    bug Fix
    Check for updates (on launch)
    Download and auto set apktool.jar update
    Added Manifest
    Application title edit (including the different languages translation)
    Resource files replace, save, delete..
    Smali, XML String Edit , Cut , Copy, Paste, Delete ..
    Added Syntax Highlighter for XML format
    display time beside each process step (optional)
    Option to change/reset default Paths
    Portable java option (enabled)
    Java heap size increase
    Added apktool 4.2.1
    Minor improvement

    Inzapktool 2.1

    Would be nice if u report any bug found
    (refers to the gui)

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