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Thread: MYA-L22 Dead

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    MYA-L22 Dead


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    Detected MediaTek USB Port (COM21)
    Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB:USB 1.16 Full-Speed
    USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version: 3.0.1504.0, date: 1-22-2015
    Connecting Bootrom... Done.
    Sending Download Agent... failed
    Platform: MT6735_S00, Hw ver: 0xCA00, Sw ver: 0x0000
    Secure ver: 0x05, BL ver: 0x00
    Secure config: 0x01
    SRAM size: 0 B
    Unknown RAM size: 0 B
    Storage type: eMMC
    Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded)
    Manufacturer ID: 0x15 (Samsung)
    Product name: QE13MB (0x514531334d42), rev: 0x0D, serial number: 0xDDBBD39F
    Manufacturing date: ? 2020
    CID: 15010051 4531334D 420DDDBB D39FE775

    Error: 4032 (S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL)
    [H/W] DRAM detection failed at stage 2!

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    RPMB: 4096 KiB
    User area: 14.56 GiB(15,634,268,160 bytes)
    Cache size: 64 MiB
    Hardware reset function: 1
    Partition configuration: 0x48
    Boot acknowledge is sent during the boot operation
    Boot partition 1 is enabled for boot
    Partitioning support: 0x07
    Device support partitioning feature
    Device can have enhanced technological features
    Device partitioning possible
    Boot configuration protection: 0x00
    Boot bus conditions: 0x00
    Boot area write protection: 0x00
    Power-on write protection: possible
    Permanent write protection: possible
    Lock status: not locked

    ANDROID System Info:
    platform: MT6737T, cpu abi: arm64-v8a
    manufacturer: HUAWEI
    board: MYA-L22, name: MYA-L22
    brand: HUAWEI, model: MYA-L22
    build id: HUAWEIMYA-L22, version: 6.0 Marshmallow (Maya-L22C185B127)
    build description: MYA-L22-user 6.0 HUAWEIMYA-L22 C185B127 release-keys

    Internal storage: 10.51 GiB
    crypto state: unencrypted
    Custom moviNAND command is not supported for this device(MMC51).
    Selected: [SAMSUNG] KMQE10013M-B318/16GB+LPDDR3 16Gb (BGA221)

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